Painters Android App

If your are  a painter and you need to order paint quite often, KiwiColour App is the best solution to find your favourite brands and colours in your handheld device. We help you install KiwiColour absolutely free app on your mobile device with no hassle and search for the paint shops you need to access quickly.

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Stop vague phone conversations! Order wisely... KiwiColour is your professional way of communicating with your favourite paint stores. 

To install or update your free app open in your Android device browser

Demo login:  & Password: demo

Any question? send us an email:kiwicolour [at] rivertech [dot] co [dot] nz
 If you manage a paint shop you probably need a smarter way to deal with your regular customers. Click here if you think there must be an alternative solution for answering heaps of phone calls daily.